Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Romania 2016 - Ovidiu Anton - Moment Of Silence

Many folk are tipping the boy Anton here to take the badge at the Romanian final this week. They reckon his big voice and everyman rock song will lure in the punters who aren't too demanding with their noisier tunes. So that makes this clip of himself in the live realm all the more awkward.

Playing a show at the Bucharest megabar Beraria H looks like a lonely event at the best of times. But judging by the number of people just ambling by the front of the stage throughout his performance his presence comes a distant fourth behind the beer, the German sausage, and quite possibly the queue for the toilet.

By the end you kind of feel for him. But at least he got a decent reception from the people sitting around the phone that this clip was being filmed on. At least that won't happen if he gets elected to the big stage in Stockholm. Probably...

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