Sunday, 6 March 2016

Poland 2016 - Aleksandra Gintrowska – Missing

While everybody was carrying on and getting irate about the result in Poland last night (you know how it went, people who didn't bothering doing any research into the other artists got indignant because an incredbly well-loved local star beat their two favourites), a thing of utmost wonky beauty was pushed to the back of the cupboard and almost forgotten about. Yes, in the rabid race to deify Queen Margaret/Edyta (delete where applicable), the real princess of the event has sadly been overlooked. Princess Aleksandra here.

Well let me rectify that oversight. Things began kinda normally, with a deep-voiced, big-haired woman swaying statically centre stage, channeling at least 60 late-eighties chart raves as she went. But things quickly escalated as four scaly men slithered across the floor and began to gyrate around her. Then the wind picked up and what appeared to be massive gills started flapping about in the breeze, frequently covering her face in accidental comedy moments. But then it ramped up on the pure entertainment scale one more time.

The camera cut to a lone electric guitarist standing in the wings. He fretwanked in a bad camouflage shirt for a few seconds, before the camera cut back to our princess, and... Oh my! Oh my oh my! If you've not seen it yet we won't spoil it for you, but please be careful to put any drinks down well before the last few seconds of this song, because we suspect any stray liquids will be sailing out of your nose come the big reveal. 

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