Saturday, 7 March 2015

UK 2015 - Electro Velvet - Still In Love With You

Oh heck, this is the UK Eurovision entry. Watered down electro swing? Eeek! We're not going to do very well, are we?

I've had ten minutes to digest what's just happened. To represent our great musical nation at the world's most excitng song contest, we've hired the singer of the Rolling Clones - a moderately successful pub trib act - plus some lass who didn't turn a chair on The Voice last season. Then we've given them a song that purports to be of the currently incrediby club hip electro swing genre, but sounds like it was written by a bald man in a shed around the back of a car boot fair desperately trying to tap in to the current zeitgeist.

It's going to be a long spring, isn't it.

More news. Turns out I got sent a demo for this way back in November. I must have instantly erased it from my memory. I seem to remember Ashley Slater from Freakpower had something to do with it. I've had it in my hands all this time - gah!

There's more. Songwriter David Mindel is the man behind such classic old time TV theme tunes as District Nurse, Challenge Anneka, The Hot Shoe Show and Jim'll Fix It. Gulp. Can you tell I'm struggling to come to terms with this?


  1. I saw a comment somewhere that the guy who wrote this also penned the Jim'll Fix It theme tune. I've no way of verifying that, but if it's true expect the Daily Mail to latch onto it and use it to batter the BBC into submission over the coming weeks.

    The 'reveal' on BBC1 was especially disappointing, buried below the Red Button after 90 minutes of spectacular performances on The Voice. The Beeb are already running a talent competition that airs during the run-up to Eurovision. A small schedule adjustment and the winner of The Voice (that we actually got to vote for) could be representing us. And appearing on Eurovision would be a bigger career boost for them than winning that show and never being heard of again.

  2. Oops, I missed the final sentence where you confirmed his TV theme tune discography.

  3. If this was the entry from somewhere like Latvia, Georgia or Austria, I'd think it was all very jolly but I would expect it to be a marginal qualifier. I'm still grappling with this song as being the UK entry, but I'll tell you what - the explosive reaction from the fanboys has been the second most amazing thing to erupt this season - the most amazing being the Andreas drama.