Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Moldova 2015 - Eduard Romanyuta - I Want Your Love

Ooh now, we've got a little bit of controversy in Moldova again. On the face of it, young Eduard here is just a shorter, poppier version of Axl Rose struggling to remember the opening few bars of Liberty X's Just A Little, before walking about the stage a lot with his pals in trousers her desperately needs to pull up a few notches. So far, so Eurovision. But all is not good in the state of Moldova.

Eyebrows were first raised that something might be awry when he bagged more phone votes than all the other contestants combined in his first semi-final (the same show that saw poor old Kitty Brucknell bag a meagre 88, you'll remember). Then all his fellow final contestants put out a Facebook status employing that people didn't waste their money voting for them as it was all fixed anyway. Indeed, there are reports of hundreds of hooky simcards floating around TRM's crumbly studios on Saturday night.

And what makes it all the more galling to the good people of Moldova is that he isn't even Moldovan. Instead he comes from their near neighbours Ukraine. This in particular hasn't gone down well. Indeed, Moldovan Eurovision alumni and all-round good egg Pasha Parfeni was so incensed that he wrote the following Facebook status: "So obvious that almost everything is bought. Too bad... I am ashamed. RIP EUROVISION MD. Never mind that it is Ukrainian, the matter is that it is corrupt."

So now TRM have a problem. Do they admit that their system is easily corruptible and disqualify the song? If they do, the song that came second is a proper dirge and would cast them well down the semi-final table. Or do they keep their heads down, say it was nothing to do with them and carry on regardless? Either way, we suspect that this one is going to run and run…


  1. They really should give it to DoReDos, who were the Public's second choice. A really catchy song, almost entirely sung in two notes (Do and Re, or C and D for those of us not used to solfège). It would bring trust back to the contest.

    1. Yes. They need to produce a stern man in a suit who can declare that Eduard is null and void and DoReDos are going to Vienna (along with their mentor Pasha, who will make everything ok) and then Moldova will return to its former glory.

  2. Cripes, she out of DoReDos was more Doinita than Doinita this year! That would have put the tin hat on Ms Gherman's Eurovision life if that mob had got through!

  3. This boy have great future.Look this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2KAMN20qPg
    Really great voice. Eduard Romanyuta is a worthy and talented candidates. The new star have been born.