Friday, 6 March 2015

Azerbaijan 2015 - Emin - Woman

It's unsubstantiated rumour morning, but news just reaches me about a bit of a buzz forming about the Azeri song. While everyone has pretty much decided that Elnur is giving it another stab, another story is drifting through the ether...

For some reason, son-in-law of the glorious leader, Emin, is courting the Eurovision press, and his video has suddenly hit heavy rotation mode. Now that may just be wild extrapolation - as indeed most of these rumours are. But when your bird's old man runs the country, there's a pretty good chance you'll be asked to represent it one day.

And if he brings old Charly Williams (not the old Northern club comic, sadly) here with him to sing along on this uplifting jangler, he'll doubtless pick up some of the down under points too. It would be a very interesting move if it is true.

Elnur then…

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