Thursday, 5 March 2015

Germany 2015 - Andreas Kümmert - Refusing the ticket to Vienna

Oh my giddy aunt! After tonight's long and over-complicated German final, we got down to the last two singers - cuddly bear man Andreas Kümmert and wildcard winner Ann Sophie.

The gravel-voiced blueser was already looking a bit awkward and out of sorts, but when they announced him as the winner he seemed to retreat into himself. Our glamourous hostess declared him as the victor and passed the mic to him to make a comment.

Much to everyone's astonishment, he looked at the floor, mumbled something about not being ready for the international stage, and conceded the victory to the lass in second place. A few seconds of utter bewilderment flooded across the stage, before the crowd began to boo and Ann Sophie's face crumbled into a confused jelly of emotion.

Flipping brilliant telly!


  1. Can't remember where I discovered your blog. I think it was mentioned in a Popbitch newsletter. Either way I just wanted to say that this is brilliant. The whole blog and this story about the Germany entry.
    Bloody addictive and I've become a regular visitor.

  2. Awww cheers Webbie! It's always nice to hear nice comments like this - makes those long nights ploughing through the Swiss contenders worthwhile!

    Thanks for your visits!