Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sweden 2015 - Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes

Now that we know what all the songs in next Saturday's Melodifestivalen are going to be, this one is starting to creep ahead in the betting odds. Indeed, it's also the pretty hot favourite among MelFest fandom, so it's clearly got to be a contender. But what's so bally good about it?

Well for a start, Måns has form. He's trod the MF stage before, and is beloved by both fans and housewives across the land. Then there's the song. It may start off with a curiously swampy deep south twang, but it soon stomps off into that mind of uplifting manpop that appears to be the thing around that way at the moment. For me the chorus hits formula a bit too quickly, but that just means that the faithful can sing along to it all the more easily.

And then there's the staging. Sweet, ingenious and using the shape of the TV perfectly despite being on a gurt big stage. It's got all the ingredients of an MF top three contender - but can it really go all the way, or are the Sami ghosts going to nip it from him? Or something else that we'd never imagined? One suspects that it's going to be a cracking show!

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