Sunday, 8 March 2015

Romania 2015 - Cristina Vasiu - Nowhere

So an earnest bunch of dad rockers beat off all-comers in the Romanian final tonight. But for thise watching on the jaggedy YouTube stream tonight there was only one true winner - Cristina Vasiu's outfit.

For a start, it was pretty gravity defying. At any point you felt that bits of her frock could have peeled off, leaving her exposing parts that even her mother hasn't seen in years. But much like a car accident or a bad wig, you just couldn't take your eyes off it.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more unhinged, well, I'll leave you to see what happened. But you will genuinely fear for her safety, and that of the front three rows in the audience. This is what Eurovision's for!


  1. A long time ago, some well-meaning relative bought me a Rubik's Magic (the unwanted stepchild of the Rubik dynasty) toy for Christmas. I'd forgotten all about it until I saw that skirt.

  2. It's such an amazing video that Sasha Bognibov has left a YouTube comment.