Friday, 2 February 2018

Poland 2018 - Wojtek Kubiak - Satisfied

The window of submission for the songs for Poland just slammed shut, and instantly up popped an aggregation of apparently entered songs. Now it's not clear whether this is the whole lot, or just folks who self-entered and self-publicised, but we have to hope that there's another batch of more professional outings waiting in the wings to  be revealed. If there isn't, then Poland are in a lot of trouble.

Very few songs could muster either a smile or grumble, as they were all pretty regular middle ground pop or home-composed chancers who've already done the rounds of the other shows. Indeed, only one song really stood out - and probably not for the right reasons.

Yes, meet Wojtek. It all starts out like a ploddy bit of late-90s techno pop, but then the man himself's picture pops up and we all go eeek a little bit. But nothing will prepare you for the first lyric line that pops by at the bottom of the screen.




From there on in it just gets more and more unrelentingly creepy, until you really feel like you need a good scrub at the end of it. Do you think he actually knows quite how those words are likely to be received at the other end of the screen? Let's just hope that it's all naive and unintentional, because any other option just bear thinking about. Now pass me that wire brush and Dettol...


  1. Well, I am happily in love with a woman, who's my best friend. She indeed keeps me satisfied with both - her body and her mind. That is my way to tell her (and the rest of the world) that what you need to be happy is actually this perfect combination. And, comparing to explicit lyrics of every second song on YT - I am prim and proper as Queen Victoria. You have a good one Mate!

  2. Glad to hear it sir! It must have been a translation thing! Good luck in the contest!

  3. erm... waiter... I change my mind. I actually WILL have some bleach on the rocks. And with a side of One-Shot.