Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Israel 2018 - Netta Barzilai - Tik Tok/Gangnam Style

Oh my days she did it. Our girl won the ticket to Lisbon, and I'm already in the queue for the Israeli party! And just look at what she performed to get there. Week after week Netta showed her versatility and creativity and somehow managed to charm a nation to let her represent them on the biggest pop stage in the world. But the work starts here.

For a start, what is she going to perform? If Israeli telly has any sense they'd give her carte blanche to write and perform her tune in exactly the style that she wants to. Rather than their usual pop poppets who are bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to be moulded, Netta is a fully formed artists and shouldn't just be chucked a regulation frocky ballad from central songwriting. Although she'd still do one heck of a job on it.

And then there's the whole loopstation can of worms. Are the EBU going to let her show her full art and let her mix herself live on stage? Well they let Jowst do the muck about last year, so precedents have been set. But new provisions in the rules this year make recorded voices a lot more tricky to get past. But wait a minute - Netta's vocals aren't pre-recorded... they're recorded live on stage as they happen, only with a little bit of delay (and in a slightly different order). If they allow reverb and echo, how can they ideologically object to this?

It's going to be a tricky old path to negotiate, but we can't wait to see how it turns out, because it's almost certain to be cracking, whatever it is!


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  2. I couldn't have phrased this better myself. You're right on every point! It challenges the ESC system and it's time, if we want ESC to go ahead in the game.

  3. If I was HoD for Israel, I would be immediately contacting the EBU Reference Group for their thoughts on the loopstation NOW! Show them all of Netta's material in Rising Star, from those performances where it was used much like JOWST did (there are a couple) to its most complete, where she was on par with a top DJ and using the looper for all it was worth. Israel need to know now what they can let Netta do and then let her do it.

    She is a force of nature on stage and is gifted beyond belief but her use of that technology needs to be quantified, especially before the fans and media get all hot under the collar and tear her act apart, debating if it is in the spirit of Eurovision and fair to other competitors. Even in Israel, one of the judges was never a fan, seemingly from the aspect of whether this was going to be allowed at the ESC - that love/hate is only going to get worse if Netta goes hell for leather with the looper...

  4. You should read some of the Dutch fans say(see link). They are not all positive and I have a feeling it's more judging the book by its cover (Google translate use is needed)


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  6. I shuffled through some of her performances in the season and I have to say that's not all of her covers are on the same level. Some are really good( look for her cove for "Barbie Girl") and some are missing the mark.
    She also admitted that she is has been busy with the loopstation, for the past year and she learn with every performance how the work with it.

    In Eurovision she will have to be more on mark than off mark.

    Through the whole season the judges repeatedly said she should go to Eurovision because she is unique, talented and bring something new and fresh to the stage.

    And Eurovision it is and the link below is for her cover to "Abanibi". Talk about taking a song so familiar and make it her own: