Monday, 19 February 2018

Portugal 2018 - JP Simões - Alvoroço

Here's a fine little oddity from FDC last night. The first Portuguese show was a joy of understated delights and gentle Sunday night pop. But JP here have us something even more minimal. So laid back he was almost laid on the floor with a big straw hat on, he cooly mumbled through a song that roughly translates as 'Hooligan' (we think - Portuguese is never what it seems, and it could also mean 'Bustle', 'Tumult' or 'Rampage, among many other things), seemingly singing along with himself and hardly stretching a facial muscle.

So far so quiet. But at the two minute mark such a cacophony kicked in that it sounded like a jazz orchestra falling down the stairs - and continued like this until the end. But old JP remained up worried, and scarcely flinched, retaining his disaffected cool until the last racketous beat.

In a staid, sweet and often safe evening of music, this was a revelation of strange, and we wholeheartedly approve. And so did the jury who gave him a pretty decent mark. The good people of Portugal clearly didn't though, and it didn't get a single measly mark from them, missing out on qualification by a mere point. It was probably better that way, but oh what beauty we fleetingly glimpsed...


  1. more tumult or uproar than hooligan.

  2. No, actually the song title is more like "Rush", NOT Hooligan!!

  3. And yes, he's a great singer from Coimbra, a university town in Portugal. Been a fan (has faithful ones) ever since he had the coolest band ever, named Belle Chase Hotel. Cult sound.

  4. ....And was also the boyfriend of one of my professors :-D She was as cool as he is.