Monday, 5 February 2018

Denmark 2018 - Sannie - Girls On Boys

When we heard that Whigfield was coming back to the pop forefront in the Danish final, we were filled with a blend of both great excitement and deep trepidation. It was Whigfield of course, we ought to get excited - but how many times has an old favourite pop starlet come back from the past with either a lacklustre pop excuse or a dreary ballad.

So how excited were we when someone sent us a 15 second clip recorded on a telephone that sounded like an outtake from an early Cardigans album with a sleazier, more drunken sounding singer. And now that we've heard the full version, we heartily approve! We're not sure that she's going to come close to winning next Saturday night, but we're going to enjoy seeing her have a try!

We've got no link to a video yet, so you'll have to go to the general download site first at the link above. But as soon as another option is available I'll have it up immediately - and hey, you get a chance to have a listen to all the other songs too!


Oh my days that was glorious in defeat. An awkward stage show, a reedy thin voice, a curious choice of garb and an unwillingness to let the whole of Europe see what work she's had done (to the extent that she stiff-armed that mic a mere inch from her mouth the whole dang song) - that's how to go down flames on live TV. I'm still trying to work out if it was glorious or just a little bit sad. Possibly a little of each.


  1. Brilliant! Just brilliant! So this is the song that will definitely no win for Denmark as they will go for the blandest of them all.

  2. So my previous comment was of course a reaction to the track. Nick and I saw the performance and we thought two things: (a) it seems that the dancers rehearsed quite a bit before adding her to the number. She looked under-rehearsed. (b) Nick pointed out that the main mistake was staging her as an almost active participant in the proceedings. Had she been staged as more of a voyeur it would have worked so much better. It's a shame because the track is fabulous. Instead Denmark went for a 2005 stage-show instead...