Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Israel 2018 - Netta Barzilai - Wannabe

Oh my giddy aunt! Good friend of the site Ido just dropped me a note, suggesting that I should stop whatever I was doing and watch. He wasn't wrong. This clip comes from Israel's The Next Star show, the process used in part to find their next Eurovision act. We hope it's Netta here, and when you see this, so will you.

When we saw that she was doing a Spice Girls cover we must confess that our heart sank just a little. We shouldn't have worried, because this lass completely and utterly made it her own. Mucking about with a loop station, she not only made her own unhinged beats, but battered the lyric to a pulp with an incredible vocal display.

I never usually trust the term "Made For Eurovision", because it rarely ever actually means anything of the sort. But surely this lass would only enhance the show with a gurt big banger. We'll be watching the Israeli process a whole lot closer from here on in!


  1. I thought you'd like her, Roy! She's really something else. When people talk about a Eurovision winner being about managing to "create a moment" - she is downright capable of that. I really believe that if she's chosen for Israel she can win the entire thing.

  2. Here is the thing:She has a a charisma and stage presence, many will love to have and part of the charm is that she improvise a lot.Not sure how this will translate to the constraints of A 3 minutes song.
    But first she need to win the whole thing and that's another obstacle.

  3. *** STOP THE PRESS ***
    Netta made it straight into the final.

  4. This performance was different to her other ones - she has relied heavily on 'that loop station', so much so that she was almost like a DJ rather than a singer. Even JOWST would have raised his eyebrows as to how much it was being used and the male judge on the far right has (assuming that I have read him right, not knowing any Hebrew) been very anti her performances because of that.

    Have a look at some of her previous shows on the main website - I love what she is doing but I don't think that she'd be able to repeat those sort of efforts at Eurovision without clearance from the EBU. The minimal amount that she used with 'Wannabe', fine...

    1. This is from earlier tonight. She and Riki were head-to-head to skip the semi-final to go straight to the final. It's the last minute of the song but she didn't use a looper at all in this performance.