Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sweden 2012 - Loreen - Euphoria

The build up to Loreen's eventual coronation was enormous, causing a virtual civil war among the rank and file Eurovision fan. You either loved the song to the extent that you considered the poor lass the second coming of our good lady in blue, or hated her as if she was the devil witch from some kind of evil space dungeon.

So I feel kind of a bit out of place in that I don't really mind it, really. It's got a touch of that late 90s Ibiza beach party vibe to it, right down to the rather telling title - although I understand how to a good many ESC fans this still feels rather contemporary.

One thing's for sure though, from the moment it starts you just can't take your eyes off the gal. Whether her slightly kooky wind-blown spot of interpretive dance in her Nan's housecoat will go down well across the continent as a whole though is an entirely different matter.

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