Saturday, 3 March 2012

Azerbaijan 2012 - Sabina Babayeva - Our Love Song

To hear the teaser trailer for the home song, click here...

A micro snippet of this year's host song has just appeared on the official website for Azeri telly, and it's pretty interesting.

The few seconds that they're teasing with us offer up an eastern tinged jazz ballad that appears to be sung in the singer's home language. There's also no suggestions of the kind of hapless vocal runs she was prone to in her national final - but we wouldn't bet that there won't be any there. In fact we rather fear that there will be.

However, on this showing, it could be an interesting choice for the home town song - we'll be curious, if not a little frightened,  to hear the whole thing.

Sadly this isn't the Azeri song. Instead they've gone for a standard Disney ballad, with the predictable Whitney-esque howling. We sha'nt be showing you that here.

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