Sunday, 11 March 2012

Romania 2012 - Bianca Purcarea - Don't Say Sorry

Imagine the scene. You've battled for the chance to represent your country at Eurovision. You're drawn last but one in your national final and as the night goes on, the nerves are building and your throat is getting tighter.

Finally it's your turn to perform. A whole nation are watching in anticipation, but as you start to sing you realise that you can't hear yourself particularly well. But it's OK, you'll battle through...

What follows is one of the most uncomfortable three minutes of the Eurovision season so far. I think the faces of the backing singers say it best. Poor, poor girl.

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  1. she's a great singer & composer, she just had bad luck in the final, that's all...

  2. I know, it was such a shame. You could tell she really can sing, but it's so hard to do that well whe you can hear yourself. And of course, most of the people at home wouldn't know that and would just think that she was plain bad.

    let's hope she picks herself up and has another go next year - and insists ona a longer soundcheck when she does!