Friday, 16 March 2012

San Marino 2012 - Valentina Monetta - Facebook Uh Oh Oh

Erm San Marino? Did you read the section in the rule book about songs containing brand names? (Or did they sneakily annul that one this year?) What's even worse is that our mad old German uncle Ralph Siegal wrote it. Whatever the heck were they thinking? A three minute advert for huge global business? With the range of arcane advertising licencing laws around dotted around Europe? That's surely never going to happen? Is it?

Oh, and the song itself? Cringeworthy cobblers!

We can only hope they've got a killer song on standby...


The EBU have posted a cease of desist order on this curious little ditty, informing them that they've either got to remove all references to the trademarked name of Facebook, or supply an entirely new song by the end of next week. It's a Crazy World, eh...

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  1. You will end up loving it, I am sure :D

    And it's not an advert, if you listen to the words it is VERY anti Facebook.

  2. If it's antiFacebook and Zuckerberg goes mad he will be given the entire Republic.

  3. Never in a million years, Mr White!

    And you have to listen so closely it pretty much negates the point!

  4. Ive added comments to the video

    Pile of crap! And on the official EU website it doesnt hold Facebook uh oh oh as the title anymore

  5. Congratulations Rhys, you've managed something I thought practically impossible and made that video worse, with your poorly spelled smugness and all.

    Somehow you've managed to miss the point of the most blatantly obvious (although admittedly poorly delivered) gags. Good work!

    You've pulled off the feat of the year old son!