Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Slovakia 2012 - Max Jason Mai - Don't Close Your Eyes

So finally after months of not saying much and keeping their plans under their hat, Slovakia finally revealed their act. At least when the UK did that, to much derision from the fanboy rank and file, we came up trumps with one of the top selling artists of all time.

Slovakia, however, suprised us all with a nice chunky little slab of Soundgarden-lite sung by a cheekyly handsome looking rock cherub called Max Jason Mai (or Miro Ć majda to his nan). It's just about rock enough to keep the grumpy grounded emo daughters interested on Eurovision night, but scrapes in with just enough melody not to offend the pop fans too much as well.

How it'll do on the night is anyone's guess, but I kinda like it being there. It's nothing groundbreaking, but I still wasn't expecting that at all.

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