Wednesday, 29 November 2017

San Marino 2018 - Irol - Take Off

Hold up, we've got another home native who's entered the contest. Makes up for the pretending nature of the last one who got us all excited - that Auria Lecis, who turned out to be nothing but an Italian islander. But how can we be sure that MC Irol (or Lorenzo Salvatori to his mum) here is actually Sanmarinese? Well it appears that he works at the airport.

Yes, in a move that makes those Maltese Airlines sponsored videos of tens years or so back look like Gone With The Wind, our cool rapping mountain boy is seen looking very serious as he fuels up his flying steed and takes to the air. And boy does he look cool when landing the thing without actually looking at the runway. (Are we sure that there wasn't anyone else actually driving the thing up front?).

Nice looking airport too. All grass and fresh air and tiny tiny planes. We really must go there some time. But Irol is no sucker, he's been on the local version of Got Talent, and does know how to spit a rhyme or two, so we really wouldn't be upset if he did make it to at least the local final. At least he's got a thing. Most of the other applicants so far don't even know that they're supposed to have a thing.


  1. At this stage they don't necessarily need 'a thing'...

    They definitely do need a good live vocal and some presence - I've got about 50 so far that would be worth seeing in a NF...

    Irol's not bad but I am a bit sceptical about 'video singing'...

  2. The off-brand San Marino version of Got Talent is one of my favourite things ever. Irol MC rightly won, but he beat the guy whose talent was making artworks by winding glitter string around nails.

    But yes, Irol is good! He deserves a shot at Eurovision! Maybe team him up with a singer for the chorus.

  3. He might stand a decent chance in the third Wildcard spot - San Marino only!

  4. Look at that - Irol has that third wildcard slot! Cue the 'what airport?' jokes in the live shows... :)