Saturday, 11 November 2017

Estonia 2018 - Frankie Animal - (Can't Keep Calling) Misty

Ooh lovely Estonia. I always enjoy those first couple of post-Laul reveal days when you pick through the titles trying to track down the first early glimpses of the songs. I was tipped off to the joys of Frankie Animal only a week ago, but I fell in love with their cool, understated, edgy sounds straight off the bat. So it was not only a joy to discover that the rumours of their participation were true, but that they'll tabled an absolute corker of a song.

Well, when I say song, it's more of a cool, breathy groove that builds to a barrage of filthy, yet still controlled noise, before crumbling to dust. Yep, exactly the kind of song that we'd listen to at home of an evening for the long, warn off season nights.

We have to stress though that this is in no way a contender. Unless they deliver a showstopper staging a slot in the final is about the best this tune can hope for. But that's not the point with this competition, as this is just pure, unabashed Eesti Laul goodness, and part of the reason that we slightly left-handed ESC fans flock to Tallinn like the schlagerists flock direkt til Stockholm. The fine people at ETV put these songs in just for the very joy of them, like they want to share them with the world and show off their goods, irrespective of whether they'd get into a final or not.

We bloody loves Estonia, we do!


  1. If the SF are staged the same as last years, all of them on a small studio floor, this should get into the Final. That's assuming that they give a traditional gig performance and sing like this live...

    In the Saku Suurhall, I suspect that they will need something more eye catching but as there doesn't appear to be any big hitters this year in Eesti Laul, it could be wide open for anyone to win.

  2. This and the entry from Latvia from the previous post suggest that there are lands/artists thinking outside the Eurovision box.

    If this means a more diverse sound at Eurovision, than by all means, though will have to wait till all songs are chosen to be sure if that the case is,