Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Moldova 2017 - Red Lips - Kill For Me

The short answer? No.

The slightly longer explanation… Anyone else feel a little awkwardly intrusive when the Red Lips girls walked onto the stage for their audition? Everyone else trotted up in their dusty daywear, while these ladies shuffled up in their pants. I felt like I was peeping through the gap in some dressing room door, they were so under-dressed!

And as for the song… Oh my! So Red Lips, you're effectively interviewing a new beau for the job, and checking to see if they're willing to commit an act of murder, at your behest, for the pleasure of having you on your arm. Men, run away now – this can only get worse! Dangerously worse!

The singing and dancing almost took a back seat to all the other events on show, which is a bit of luck really, because it was a bit stilted, to say the least. Although having said that, I think that even I could manage those moves on the 4am desperation shift at Euroclub.


  1. Would it be too sexist to link the above to this un-PC 1979 punk tune?

  2. Hardly punk, but I get yer gist!

  3. and I ask myself - "Why am I a homo?"

  4. I tell you, this has even got me on the turn!

  5. I wouldn't even double park for them!