Monday, 17 March 2014

Russia 2006 - Sisters Tolmachevy - Vesenniy Jazz (JESC winners)

Before we get to see the glamorous Russian twins and their undoubtledly boo-inducing Eurovision entry, let's cast our memories back to the previous biggest moment of their lives when they won Junior Eurovision.

Yep, eight short years ago they looked and sounded like this. You've got underpants older than that…

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  1. I have underpants dating back to my College days! Loads of them, in fact. Which was 1989!

  2. I'm hoping for a clean run for Russia this year, nul points across the board. I haven't listened to their song and I don't care to.

  3. No chance. They'll get 10s and 12s from the usual mob, and if the song's decent, a fair amount of 4s, 5s and 6s from the saturday night light entertainment watchers, who to a larger part don't watch the news.

    And don't forget, to a pretty significant part of Europe, geographically speaking, Putin is doing nothing wrong.