Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Norway 2014 - Carl Espen - Silent Storm

After a brief cursory skip through the Norwegian tracks, I must say nothing really grabbed me. But I couldn't work out why they were so high up in the betting. Then a good pal advised me to listen to this song from start to finish.

Blimey. Shivers.

In among all the glitz and glam, there's always one simple song sung well and minimally that does well, and I rather fancy that it could be this one. And it doesn't need a damn thing on stage with it, apart from Carl, simply dressed on a dark background and bathed in white light. Not even a poxy expressive dancer in the corner. Nothing. Just man and song.

Done well this could be this year's "stop everything you're doing and just gawp" song. I hope it makes the short trip to Denmark, co s things could get really interesting then.

*****STOP PRESS*****

Carl did everything I dearly hoped he would and sung it sweetly and simply to the camera, in plain white light. It's in the Norwegian final now. Fingers crossed for the next step...

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  1. Oh, my bejesus! That's SO beautiful! Please, let this go! It will be in my top 10, if not 5, if it does. I totally agree with you. WOW!

  2. Worry is whether Norway actually select this. If they do, then it's going all the way.

  3. he sings a good song OUT OF TUNE..the juries will not like this. Decent standards of musicianship are needed.....sorry. Not gonna win.

  4. Nowt out of tune about this, sunshine. I'd either clean your ears out or listen to a bit more music.