Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Austria 2014 - Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Phoenix

Now then this one will confuse the juries and unsettle the dads come mid-May. What we've got is a very serviceable stagey ballad, sung with heart and feeling by Austria's favourite bearded lady man.

If the juries are serious about it only being about the song, this will seriously test their remit, as it would finish top ten under any other wrapper. But will Conchinta's incredibly bold and provocative appearance turn away the voters or have them picking up the phone by the lorry load?

It's a tricky guess, but one thing's for sure - we now know for sure where the biggest fan boy scrum will congregate for most of ESC fornight.

I believe I'm now contractually obliged to pull the old "Austria: saved the Wurst till last (but one)" gag. Sorry.

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  1. Do you really feel this would finish top 10 if it was down to song alone? I think the song is really poor and especially in a year with lots of ballads. I think because it is sung by Conchita Wurst will be the helping factor in securing a higher finish. Austria will stand out, and when it comes down to deciding your favourite, you're more likely to remember Conchita Wurst's ballad over many others. And then there's Cezar from Romania last year - god awful song, but highly memorable performance!
    Whatever happens, Good Luck to Austria and Good Luck to Conchita Wurst! It's a shame this years contest isn't in Russia - imagine the implications for an act such as Wurst.

  2. I do actually, Chris. On straight content and vocal performance it's got a bit more of an edge and sparkle to all the more tradition ballad (shy of Norway, which is in a slightly different category).

    But it's impossible to say how it would have done in a blind contest, after all.

    I see you're Bristol-based. There's a few of us Euro reprobates kicking around town!

  3. This definitely stands out from the other wilting, lilting ballads we're seeing this year, although I'm still more of a fan of the bare bones, Scandi style of ballad if it has to be a slow one. This little number though, was pretty impressive with theatricality in spades: perhaps a little Bond-theme-y if it had more low end oomph and a few sparkly bullets instead of rose petals. Conchita can put on a good show and it may be a repeat of Dana International if it does really well (someone had to be the first to say it...) Good luck to you, Fraulein Wurst!