Saturday, 1 March 2014

Estonia 2014 - Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band - Maybe Maybe

When me and Mrs Apocalypse first heard this a couple of weeks back with thought it was an engaging but unlikely little bluesy groove that would no doubt struggle to qualify from the Laul semi.

Then it qualified from the Laul semi. Surely that was its money? But what's this? It then went on to walk the jury vote in the final? "Is this going to the superfinal?" we asked, puzzled. "Yes it is?" the men in the funny jackets on the telly told us. Eh?

Sadly they were up against an Estonian dancing lass who'd clearly been watching a bit of Lady Gaga, recently, and got pipped at the post for the ticket to Copenhagen.

Damn shame though, cos this would have been an interesting addition to to the party. (And they also look like they know how to have a good night out too!)

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