Saturday, 15 March 2014

Moldova 2014 - Cristina Scarlat - Wild Soul

And this winner in this year's "What's exactly is going on here award?" goes to Cristina Scarlat from Moldova.

So from what we can work out, she's half-woman, half-machine, and there's a big bendy mirror floating about for some reason we didn't quite fathom. Then some dancing boys pranced about in ethnic costume, before a load of  radio controlled helicopters with banners on went a bit wrong, plunging into the audience, and possibly taking he ears off the first three rows. (Mind you, at the Moldovan final there only is the first three rows!)

It may amuse you further to know that this won its semi final, so it a possible contender to knock singee elect Boris Covali off his perch again for another year! I'd laugh.

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  1. That's... actually pretty cool. I'm liking the shift in Moldovan entries from WTF!Moldova to Scifi!Moldova that we've been seeing in the last few years.

  2. I love it! And am so happy that it won!! (even though it was my sixth favourite of the Moldovan final... what a good show that was!). I liked at least eight of the songs.

    Apparently someone in the audience nicked the drone that fell into the crowd. TeleRadio Moldova are opening criminal proceedings I think (that's what I last heard in any case).

    Those drones are really expensive. They're called the Parrot AR.Drone and you wouldn't get much change out of £300 at the Apple Store here in London. There isn't an Apple Store in Chisinau and I've looked and in Bucharest there is but it doesn't stock drones. So this would have had to be imported at great expense.

    £300 is actually 2 months' salary in Moldova (it's one of the poorest countries in the world). Considering each drone probably cost a lot more than that, that's a serious amount of moolah.

    1. Apparently it WASN'T stolen. This was a silly rumour that was started up on another forum and I believed it.

  3. Heh! To you go around reading all those sites that have Truth in their URLs and believe them too?

    I've been to the studio the Moldovan final was filmed in, and it's far tinier than you'd ever imagine. Probably holds 50 people max - and that's at a push. There's no way anyone would ever have got out of that room clutching one of those under their vest!