Sunday, 6 March 2011

Russia 2010 - Buranovskie Babushki - Long Long Birch Bark And How To Make Ayshon From It

Russia have just announced that they're sending a handsome young chap called Alexey Vorovyov to Dusseldorf (although they're probably going to anglicise his name to Alex Sparrow, just for us foreigners). He's a nice enough fellow, and I'm sure he'll do very well, but they certainly missed a trick that could have won them a second title in three years.

For a couple of weeks prior to Alex's selection, rumours abounded that the man upstairs in Moscow favoured the candidacy of the fantastic grans of Buranovskie Babushki, who won the hearts of many a fan worldwide when they squeaked a close second in last year's Russian final.

It's not one of this year's possibilities, but it bears another look as it's genuinely one of the most beautiful things you will ever see...

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