Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Moldova 2011 - Doinita Gherman - Viata

My favourite shouty folk punk mentalist go overlooked in Moldova - AGAIN! How can they keep ignoring the unstoppable force that is Doinita? The whole of Europe will go bonkers for her happy-go-lucky insanity. Mind you, I'd imagine a whole gig could be a tiring affair! You'd die of exhaustion by the time the encores came around!

Hup Hup Cha Sha!

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  1. I too am in shock that the Moldovan Ginger Spice of ROCK and violins wasn't given a go this time round. But, like you said, she is an unstoppable force, and will simply enter year after year after year, mercilessly browbeating her enemies into submission.

    (PS Hi Roy. Remember me? I used to be in Stud Lisa, you know.)

  2. I know you too!