Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Israel 2011 - Michael & Shimrit Greylsummer - Tu Du Du

Now here's a delightful yet nicely off-kilter entrant in the Israeli final. So sweet and laid back, you scarcely notice it at first. But as the song goes on it slowly gets under your skin, and by the time it rather abruptly ends you'll be wanting to hear it all over again. Too understated to do terribly well? I hope not!

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  1. Both Nick and I love this song and think it's fresh, understated, fantastic and literally too good for Eurovision. I think that Israel will not choose it, though. It's definitely one of my favourites, but I believe the ticket to D. will go to one of the other following three - Adi Cohen (for her power-ballad, incredibly strong vocals and very good English), Chen Aharoni (as well, for fantastic vocals, Israeli version of Alexander-Rybak-style-song, and the dark, young Israeli-maybe-gay-eye-candy-fan-boy favourite, or of course Dana International (need I really say more...?) In any case, like I wrote before, I don't think Israel can go wrong this year with the few options they have, unless a really shocking surprise happens...