Saturday, 5 March 2011

Portugal 2011 - Homens da Luta - Luta é Alegria

Click here to see this thing of beauty.

I love it when a national in joke gets to Eurovision. They always storm their home finals and then make the rest of Europe go "Huh?" when they get on the big stage. We suspect that this one has something to do with the Carnation Revolution in 1974, but that might be reading too much into it. What it is though is strange, regional and terribly enjoyable.

It won the Portuguese final in a strange fashion, coming from miles behind on the back of a massive televote, and it's really going to attract the silly little booboys in Dusseldorf. But if it pisses them off it's doing something right by me!

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  1. Well, these guys are comediants...they always sing supposedly revolutionary was very predictable they would win televoting as they're very popular. I could say this is Portuguese ethnic music.

    But this is a good song in fact...if you listen to José Afonso's songs some are very similar to this one.

  2. The tune is nice I suppose, but they did not sing very well. They may need training or nul point for them

  3. I had a feeling there was a background to it that we couldn't have guessed, Pedro. And bad luck, old boy. Never mind, at least you didn't write Boom Boom Yeah!

  4. This reflects the Portuguese culture and its people.The country only has space for laziness and corruption. The Portuguese are always wanting rights, they want to have a social state with all of its amazing advantages without actually contributing positively to economic growth.23% have complete schooling and they still blame the old dictatorship for that. The problem with the Portuguese society and country is that it has built itself on money coming from the EU. They just take, they do NOT give anything. These idiots are a true reflection of the idiocracy that reigns in Portugal - a beautiful land with great food and weather, period,that is all! Which civilised country votes for the SAME socialist prime minister that BANKRUPTED the country? Maybe in Africa, perhaps.The Portuguese people have to stop complaining, start working and build a civilised country that reflects Europe. Quit the laziness, corruption and jealousy and we should be good. Yes, I AM PORTUGUESE. Oh ... and expect Portugal to swing to the communists to form government with the socialists. Bye Bye Portugal!

  5. Alternatively, they're just a comedy theatre group casting a light-hearted look at the old days and you didn't get the gag...