Monday, 16 January 2017

Hungary 2017 - Csondor Kata - Create

I have a very good Portuguese friend who runs a Facebook group called SCARYvision. You should check it out. It mainly showcases moments from the national finals where either the vocals weren't entirely on point, or where the performances were a little excessively manic in comparison to the song they were murdering. I think this one will qualify on both counts.

You see, poor Ms Kata here had us unintentionally creased up from the very first moment - at first vogueing in an ungainly manner, and then that ill-advised mic manoeuvre. There's a reason that you've never seen anyone do that one before, ma'am. And it's not a good one.

At times it was like watching a young Bette Midler channeling the future ghost of Lady Gaga down some echoey timepipe, that distorted her voice to such a level that it sounded as if she was singing inside a child's plastic pony castle. This won't be the worst performance we'll see this year. Probably not by a long way. And it won't be the most awkward. But it's got that certain little something that makes it perfect for the Scary list. And long may she reign!


  1. Where to begin... From the dated style to the Cheesecake loop in the chorus, through the ill-advised vocals. It's a total no.

  2. That microphone technique! It's like a strengthening exercise for a damaged wrist.

    Btw, A Dal has now uploaded the performance vids to YouTube, an alternative to their painfully slow website.

  3. No mention of her fantastic golden bootees?

  4. Sadly didn't get through. Another one bites the dust...