Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lithuania 2017 - Lolita Zero - Get Frighten

Ever since they recorded tonight's Lithuanian semi I've had a constant stream of pics and clips arriving into my inbox telling me that I just have to see this. From the preview evidence the portents were good, but I thought I'd wait until tonight's full visuals before I pulled full judgement. And oh what a treat!

So of course, the high camp electro disco in frocks is a bit of an over staged ouvre, but when it's done with fun and humour it's tricky to beat. And boy if this played for chuckles. From the reveal, to the outfits, to the impossible title, to the talky bits, to the, erm, melons, it's absolutely glorious funtime cobblers, and I love it for that.

Of course there'll be the over serious detractors who'll say it's childish and cliched and pointless, but they only tend to like dreary, worthy, anonymous stuff anyway. And it doesn't even matter that the song's a shrill, repetitive groove - that's kind of the point. This is just dumb, happy-go-lucky fun, that doesn't take itself at all seriously, and is doubtless doomed to ultimate failure, but I'm so very glas it's there, because it's all been a bit serious so far this year.


This story gets curiouser. Turns out that this song comes from a Lithuanian action film, and features a very similar performance - plus lots of other bonkers business. See the trailer here! I don't know what's real any more!


After getting knocked out some weeks ago, the Lithuanians, in their wisdom, held a wildcard round to bring back a song from the qualifiers to perform in the final. And guess which one won by an absolute mile?

You really didn't think that through, did you now Lithuania. And we love you for it!


  1. It's the third part of the Zero movie. The first one, "Zero: Lilac Lithuania" came out in 2006. Zero 3 comes out next week.

  2. Link to the IMDB for the first of the Zero franchise:

  3. By the way ZERO II came out in 2010