Monday, 12 December 2016

Ukraine 2017 - Alex Angel & Natasha Olejnik - Running For Love

Our boy Alex Angel had his live audition in Ukraine yesterday, and he bought a friend along to help him. And boy did she help. The faces of the judging panel as they watched this incredible three minutes are an absolute picture, I tell you!

As far as I am aware, this is the only video available from the auditions, so I'll just this curious slice of Ukrainian TV life here for you to, erm, enjoy.

You might not want to be watching it at work, mind. That's all I'm saying…


  1. 2016 - a Ukrainian history lesson...

    2017 - a biology one? ;)

  2. It feels odd saying this, but I could have done with fewer close-ups of the dancer's vagina and more shots of the panel looking bewildered/amused/scared.

  3. Video from this audition:
    Video with sexy moments before audition & after:

  4. This is a mix of Peter Nalitch (who IIRC deliberately plays up the accent) and Petr Elfimov (who had a fairly serious rocker a few years ago and sounded *great* in Russian), with some strippers, er, dancers, thrown in.