Thursday, 15 December 2016

Estonia 2017 - Kerli - Spirit Animal

OK, so I think we can effectively cancel Eesti Laul, because Kerli's back. A lot of water has flowed under the crystal-crusted bridge since her last assault on Eurovision back in 2004, and now we see a singer at the height of her powers, the complete and finished article who's had hits across the globe, coming back to wave her glittery hand at the screen and hoover up the votes. But will her name alone be enough to carry her to Kiev?

Well the song itself is no world-beater. It's packed with fantastically parpy electronic noises and a terrifically bouncy chorus, but still plods along in a somewhat disappointingly pedestrian fashion. That's not to say that it's a bad song, however - and you just wait until you see the live show...

Because if you've not had the pleasure before, Kerli is a proper visual treat. Imagine something somewhere between America's Lady Gaga, Japan's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and some astral pop fairy floating about between the stars. And if enough of her rabidly fervent Moon Children are packed into the hall Laul night will become something of a three minute Kerli show. I for one can't wait. The only way that she's not going to Ukraine is either if her home nation has finally tired of her, or the Kerli haters gang up against her in the superfinal. Both of which would be an incredible shame, because the girl is offering us the first proper bit of star power of the season.


  1. I have a rule of thumb that a good ESC entry needs to have the vocals (or major instrumental melodic hook) start within 10 seconds, but by all accounts Kerli will be delivering on-stage weirdness in that 22 seconds.

    Kerli is new to me and this song isn't doing it. It just comes and goes without making an impact.

    1. I had that rule until Conchita. Retrospectively the opening of "Rise Like a Phoenix" is memorable, but it portends little of what is about to be unleashed.

  2. I like it.
    Quirky vocals.
    Don't know if it's a winner. But it is pretty hard to judge before ANY songs have been selected.

  3. Interesting stuff - an undercurrent of Bjork there in the music but what I'm wondering is how this studio version will translate to the Eesti Laul stage. Will she beat Elina, the hot fav?

  4. I can't be the only one who hears little shades of Margaret Berger's "Scream" in this, right? (which, in my book, is not a bad thing!)

  5. I can't hear Bjork or Berger - but there is a smattering of Ke$ha - just Kerli needs to up the skank factor to 11.

    I kinda like this though - and it will ensure that poor Estonia will achieve last place for the second year running

  6. 1. Depends on what's up against her in the superfinal. She'll sail through the televote as you can't cast negative televotes
    2. She'll bring in casual viewers that most of the other Eesti Laul acts won't bring in (it might cancel out the haters, who might be parlor pinkos capable of complaining but not doing anything.)
    3. Is the jury capable of trashing her? Not sure if it'll be stocked with "ooh, too mainstream" types or "wow, Kerli's back! I love love love love her!"
    4. Is her live singing something best kept hidden?