Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Georgia 2017 - Trio Mandili - Me Da Shen

So, the other night I got wind that the fabulously folksy Georgian girl group Trio Mandili had thrown their hat into their national final ring. I was expecting more of the same of the minimal stripped back walky-singy schtick that has made their down home videos such a regular YouTube treat. So I was thoroughly disappointed when I discovered that they were doing a proper song, with instruments and everything.

For about twenty seconds.

Because this enthusiastically bouncy little gem is an absolute delight! Imagine the kind of songs that you hear coming out of the open window of every cab and local snackfood outlet everywhere east of Athens - only with more joie de vivre and pure unabashed fun than any ten of them put together. And then some.

I fear that this is perhaps a tad too niche to make a massive impact in their national final - especially as there's some decent sized pop rock acts and some massive frocky ballads up against them on the song slate - but I'd sooooo love this to get to Kiev. Imagine the larks we'd have!


  1. How well this does will depend bigtime on how it is staged - have to say that I loved it too and it makes you smile! If there is a crowd and voters see this get a better reaction than anything else on show then who knows...

  2. This is at the top of my list for Georgia. It has a lot of potential and enough catchiness to transcend the language barrier at ESC. I'm wondering if Georgians would actually vote for this at the national final, or would they see it as not having enough international appeal?

  3. This is a real feelgood barnstormer. Would love to see this number make it to the final contest.