Thursday, 8 December 2016

Georgia 2017 - Trio Mandili - Chryzantemebi

There's a list of Georgian acts doing the rounds. Twenty seven artists of varied repute, and not a single Sopho among them. At this point it is unclear whether it's a shortlist or just the list of people who applied, but there's a couple of pretty interesting names among them - and few more interesting than Trio Mandili here.

About as DIY as an act can get, TM are simply three teenaged girls, a rattly mandolele (I think) and a selfie-stick. Their videos are all of the girls just walking around their neighbourhood, singing folk-tinged tunes and mugging to the camera, and somehow they're absolutely teriffic.

Just imagine this on the big stage in Kiev. They'd start off on stage, then wend their way about the hall entirely filmed through their stick as the crowd go bonkers behind them. It would sweet, simple and absolutely engaging, and could cause quite a stir in the middle of all the usual flash bang business.

Come on Georgia, you've got be bold, and take a risk with this lot. It would be utterly fabulous!


  1. Imagine the PR build-up beforehand...

    All focussed on them and their fans wearing Chrysanthemums! Kyiv would be awash with them!

    You definitely get variety with Georgia...

  2. I really like this. It's simple and unpretentious and they harmonize pretty well. I like your idea of how to do it live too, although it reminds me a bit of what Madcon did with Glow in Sweden in 2010 (I think?) where they did the whole crowdwalk selfie thing before selfies were a thing.

    Although since that interval performance was one of the best moments in Eurovision history I wouldn't object to someone borrowing some ideas from it.