Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ukraine 2013 - DiOfilmy - Medlyak

The Ukrainian national final takes place tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 9:50am UK time, and of the songs taking part, there are very few that would encourage me to rouse from my slumber that early in the day.

Everywhere you look it's mawkish lady ballad followed by slightly bluesy shouty lady, and it's probably worth hanging on in there with your lay in an get up just in time for the results.

However, there was just one song among them that looks like being a cheerful aside, by two cheeky chappies who clearly can't dance for treacle. The song's pretty poor, but at least it's lively, and the whole thing becomes worthwhile bang on the two minute mark when the shaggy haired lad clearly looses his mind.

Such a shame they released a version of the song on the internet waaay to early and it'll be instantly disqualified if they win. Although they won't.

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