Monday, 24 December 2012

Azerbaijan 2013 - Sebel Cəfərova - Euphoria

Now that they've finally won the thing, the Azerbaijani's are opening up their selection process to one and all. Over a period of some months, a good 80 acts are singing their favourite Eurovision songs in the hope of being selected for a mammoth final some time in the distant future.

We're a couple of weeks into the process, and the gems are starting to fly. Witness the pain of this poor lass, who starts out badly and digs herself into a bigger pit of pain as she goes on.

And to think, they've already been through a pretty harsh audition process to get this far! This, dear readers, is a bit special.

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  1. Reminds me of a certain Bulgarian Idol audition... you know what I'm talking about. Poor girl. She doesn't even know why she's a Eurovision Apocalypse star...