Thursday, 13 December 2012

Estonia 2013 - Winny Puhh - Meiecundi Mees üks Korsakov Läks Eile Lätti

So it was not to be. What could have been the greatest ever moment in Eurovision history was cast aside because two pensioner judges couldn't pick the joy out of the racket. A single point more from the juries and it would have made the superfinal - and then who knows what would have happened.

It was a vain hope for we punk-leaning Eurovisionists, but for a brief moment there we thought it was going to happen. From the first audio-only YouTube clip, we were hooked. Surely they couldn't look anywhere as near as the sounded. And then this clip from Estonian breakfast TV crept onto the web...

Oh my days, we thought. This might just get out of its semi-final.

Then came the official video. No one had any idea what was happening, but it looked fantastically brain bamboozling. We likely more and more and more...

Then, when we finally got to see them play in front of people in the semi-final in the video at the top of this page, we wept real tears of joy. Finally a song by a band that I'd actually go and see in real life might actually get to Eurovision. They're in the final. It couldn't happen... could it?

It's going to do it. It's really going to do it! But despite coming an easy second in the televote, and guaranteeing it a slot in a superfinal it would have surely walked, the churlishness of two grandparents cost Europe possibly its greatest ever delight. Well done ETV, I'm sure your nice fresh-faced ballad lass will battle you to a nice lower mid-table position in its semi-final, and we'll all be struggling to remember who she was this time next year.

However, we will always have the Puhh...

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  1. ...demands a Valient Thorr cover of this....

  2. Even the Thorr couldn't do this justice! Check out some of their other stuff!

  3. Really? It's the first fanwank of the season already... way too much attention for what is essentially an average song pretending to be 'alternative' in true Eestilaul style.

  4. Fanwank? Hardly.

    Pretending? You've clearly not done your homework! you can't do that by pretend!

  5. See, this is the great thing about hardcore punk - a lot of Eurovision songs are in genres that usually need more than 3 minutes for a complete song, so they have to end abruptly. This song's from a genre that usually has absurdly short songs - it could've ended one minute in, but then they JUST KEEP GOING. And it's what makes the song.

  6. Blimey Asher, you can't go around putting intelligent and well thought out comments on this blog! :-)

    Cracking point!

  7. You don`t know Estonians, Roy. There is extremely small chance that Winny Puhh WON`T win. You may drink a few beers in 02 march thinking about my words (or I will drink thinking that I don`t know Estonians at all, although I am Estonian :))

  8. Ooh now, Mike! You are raising my hopes there! What's the word on the Estonian street about this one? Is it really the one to beat?

    It would probably be the greatest moment of my entire life if it did!

  9. Ok the brief overview. At first when all songs were published everybody laughed. Winny Puhh is pretty well-known in Estonia but known as kinky half punk half metal with good lyrics (like Peegelpõrand). This song seemed too weird even for those who actually like winnies. Then was first public performance in MorningTV ( As you hear at the end of performance presenters laugh. But appeared first online statements that maybe its not good idea to underrate those guys.
    1st semifinal was recorded a week before it was in TV (btw blinking camera work was all done in live. one band member is film maker). Those who were in audience told in FB etc. that Winny show was very good.
    When 1st semifinal came half of people waited only winnies.
    By now its only one discussion: Winny Puhh or somebody else. I hope there is critical mass of estonians who vote for something really rocks, even the song is on the edge.We are so small, we have to to something special to be noticed :)) And that kind of stuff won`t appear again for a long time. My father, 68 Y.O. supports WP.
    Let´s see!

  10. Interesting stuff, Mike! And it's general rule of thumb that any time anyone's dad, or indeed anyone over 65 states a preference, then it's a good shout for a win!

    I can't bear the excitement!

  11. A little example of estonian sense of humor. Was done tonight in 2. national semifinal.
    Do you remember Getter Jaani. She represented Estonia in 2011
    Where is she now? She`s been out of picture for a long time. Now the mystery resolved. WATCH THIS!
    unfortunately it`s a JOKE :(

  12. Good spot!

    I watched the semi last night, and there was a little tiny part of me that hoped it was true! (Having met Getter, though, I was pretty sure that it wasn't - boo!)

    Joke it may have been, but it was pretty well observed, and the actual song itself was excellent!

  13. By the way - who was the guy at the end? That felt like the punchline!

  14. Your instinct didn't deceived you. The last section of interview:
    Q: How do you call this life style you live right now?
    GJ: Bright Black.
    Q: ... what does it mean?
    GJ: It means that everyone have bright souls but all around is black. We have lost contact between ourselves... everyone who lost these contacts is slave of society. We fight for every person will be free.
    Q: ...and all your band fights for it?
    GJ: NO. There is plenty of us. (end of interview)
    Appears Uku Suviste, well-known local sweet-singer.

  15. ok, roy, we lost that battle. fucking boring people won. i will watch gay porn now :))))

  16. Two grandparents on the jury cost Europe the chance of the greatest superfinal of all time.

    Fucking boring people!

  17. thank god, estonians can do some good music too. watch great estonian prog rock band "Ruja" song "must lind" recorded somewhere in seventies. "must lind" means "black winged bird"

  18. damn Roy u were right. I truly think that's is time for creative ppl to make something like anti-ESC festival (there is one festival in Italy called anti-Sanremo but with totally different agenda)
    cheers form Montenegro and keep fighting. We here certanly will

  19. here lil something from Bosnian band called Dubioza Kolektiv