Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lithuania 2013 - Linas Adomaitis - I W Tonight

You know how sometimes in a Eurovision performance the song starts off with some ill-advised little staging concept, but after about a verse and a half the act break ranks and carry on with a regulation two-step dance routine.

Well someone clearly forgot to tell Linas Adomaitis and his mob the rules. Car crash is perhaps slightly apt for this one.

Sorry, what's that you're saying? made it to the Lithuanian final you say? Strewth!

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  1. You're being waaaay too harsh. This for me is a winner. Love it!

  2. In fact, the more I hear this song (three times tonight), the more I think this is a potential winner of the whole shebang.

  3. I know you and me tend to like the more left-handed songs in this old contest, Tristán, but that geezer's face is far too slappable to be popular across the board, surely?

  4. Oh my! It's just dawned on me who Linas actually is from the past! Anyone remember?

  5. Oh yes! And his 2004 Eurovision performance was pukeworthy, but I have to admit I found this here... well, can't put it in any other way than "cute".