Saturday, 16 December 2017

Serbia 2018 - Flyingjoymaker - Ministar

Serbia is usually poor pickings for these pages. Their stuff is either too decent or normal for our tastes, or just a bit ordinary. But every now and again someone really special comes along. Someone like Flyingjoymaker.

You'll have seen stoic, you'll have seen minimal, but you'll never have seen such an understated performance as this. Turns out that our lad here is a yoga devotee, and says that he was performing this song in the trataka position of intense yogic gazing. Blimey. But it's not just that that's interesting about this video. What's going on with the curtains there?

He was put our way by our good pal Tristán, who excitedly sent me this link, saying that he was the first person to have ever clicked on it. To I hurriedly raced to see it and I was the second. Which means that FJM himself hasn't even seen it yet. How more fresh and pure can a song be! Now go and dent that purity and watch it in your droves, because it really is quite a strange treat.


  1. You do like some weird sh*t, Roy... :)

  2. As you well know, Mr Palmer, Apocalypse isn't about enjoying, it's about sharing. Sharing the efforts of the outsiders and the unlikely, the terribly and the terrific, and the noteworthy songs that for whatever reason just wouldn't get any coverage on any other site.

    If this was a site solely of songs that I actually liked it would be a whole different flavour of incredible! ;-)