Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Latvia 2018 - Kris & Oz - Morning Flight

Lyric videos are curious beasts. More often than not they're just a lazy promotional tool from the label or the publishers to ensure a bit of cheap early click revenue. Less often they become a nightmare of unintentional humour, as what seemed like a deep and meaningful line when it flowed from the pen of the writer suddenly becomes an adventure in hackneyed awfulness when read by the public at large. But now and again, and this is an incredibly rare occurrence, they enhance what you initially figured was a pretty dreary song into a work of some deep substance and general weirdness.

Which is pretty much what has happened here.

We scarcely gave Morning Light a verse and a chorus the first couple of times we heard it. Its minimal beatsy hum and mangled vocal didn't endear us to its joys in any way at all, and we just assumed that the words were that kind of poorly translated and even more badly pronounced construction that we hear all to much of before Christmas comes around. But after our first open-mouthed encounter with this lyric vid our opinion has turned about face and we've deemed this a work of some significant genius. We think.

Because it's unclear whether this is the work of some great philosophical mastermind, clawing together disparate literary threads into one over-arching and mind-bending whole, or perhaps just the cold and errant construction of a random lyric generator put through Google Translate just a few too many times.

Lines like 'They try to steal us on the run, cotton cloudy bandit" and "Fairies are dancing on the wings, showing skin which glows" are either the deepest poetry this contest has seen in many a year, or the lucky result of picking random words out of a hat. And don't get us started on the empathic shrimps!

Whatever the creative intention, here's a case of a lyric video wrenching a deathly dull dirge into the realms of the spectacular, and for that we can only applaud it. Who cares if it actually means anything or not.


  1. I'm having an empathic shrimp stir-fry tonight.

  2. I think that sleep deprivation or some illicit substances might have helped the creative processes there...

    I have to say that is one of the most watchable lyric vidz that I have ever seen - well found, sir!