Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Estonia 2018 – Iiris & Agoh – Drop That Boogie

The glorious Eesti Laul reveals are happening glacially as we speak, and as ever there's quite a lot to be pleasingly diverted by. The bonkers looking Tiiu x Okym x Semy have delivered a quaintly raga ramble, while Etnopatsy have toned down the diddly-di folk that some of their number gave us last year and diluted it with some etherial whimsy. Oh, and dear old Stig Rasta is having another go, and everybody has already decided that his Game Of Thrones referencing girlfriend song has already won. But of yesterday's ten contenders, this is the one that made us grin the most.

It's got a cool and lazy slurred vocal, just enough cool beats amongst the sparse production to tap a silver-booted foot to, and an all round happy vibe that encourages us to throw off our workaday worries and just flipping dance.

You never know how well studio songs like this are going to convert to the live stage, but London-based Iiris has plenty of form, and her angular and edgy stage presence could very well make this one of the treats to look forward to, if, as feared, Evestus wimp out and water down their weird later this afternoon. So far, the Laul is looking good!


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  2. Wow, such a Marmite (or Estonian equivalent) song - fans either will love or hate Iirus's vocals but this is of its time and I, quite frankly, love this! I agree that how well this does is wholly dependant on staging, which in the Eesti Laul SFs is likely to be a small stage in a tv studio - that might be a good thing, as intimacy may make this fly. This will either bomb in SF1 or fly through to the SuperFinal (if there is one this year)...

  3. I like it. It's quirky and fun. Will listen to the rest of the Estonian songs, but it's defo a good start.