Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ireland 2016 - Colin - Call Me Crazy

If only to cheer myself up after the horrific bit of Anglo-German nonsense I posted earlier, I went searching to see whether our cousins the Irish had managed to throw up anything even worse.

Reassuringly they have.

And while it may not be quite as look-at-me-I'm-bonkers-no-really-I-am as Delilah's dismal attempt, there's still some joy to be had here. Colin here really wants you to call him crazy. I think he's got this contest sewn up, to be fair. Book your bus to the Late Late Show, sunshine, Ryan's got a ticket to Stockholm with your name written on it. (Look, it's been a long day, alright…)


  1. Curiously, Ireland hasn't made any announcements yet on how their 2016 song selection will be work. Maybe they've internally selected Crazy Colin...

  2. Just throwing it out there, the original lyrics didn't work well in English, it was going to be a song about calling without a telephone etc, that has been left to the Turkish and Arabic versions to deliver the original lyrics.

    How crazy is Colin? You haven't had a Hot Night with him to find out!!!!!

  3. Alright Colin! How's it going? You definitely submitted this 'un? Next time I'm down Tipperary way I may hold you to that! Good luck, old boy!

  4. Yes, this is also for other countries who aren't in the Eurovision (Turkey, Lebanon). I love this song, I can't wait to shoot the video and release the club mix

  5. Well let us know when you do, and post a link up here!

    1. I want everyone to hear this song haha, there are certain songs from my new album that I love very much.