Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hungary 2016 - Misztrál - Reggeli Reggae

So the Hungarian songs have been announced, and while all but a few of them have only been released in 20 second snippet form, 20 seconds is just about all you'll need to get a handle of the high-concept strangeness of this little oddity.

For Misztrál, it appears, are a band who play traditional folk instruments - only in a reggae style. Oh boy.

We'll get you the full three minute version as soon as it escapes - although to be honest, I'm not entirely sure you could take it. So simply revel in this micro dot of musical curiosity over and over again and I'm sure you'll get the gist.


  1. This song has just been disqualified, due to having been released prior to the September 1 deadline. *cries*

  2. Here you can find the full version: