Monday, 7 December 2015

Belarus 2016 - Band Drozdy - Uvezu v Derevnyu

THIS is what Eurovision is for. Decent songs, terrific singers and clever, well-judged performances are all well and good, but only on very rare and special occasions will they ever top something like this.

It's got everything: locally folky ethno disco pumping, madcap dancing and some terrible, terrible trousers. But one thing tops it all. By miles. At roughly 1:47 something so incredibly beautiful happens that you'll weep with joy. Either that or hoot with disbelieving laughter. Probably the latter, actually. Either way, it's one of the best moments in all Eurovision history. Yep, that bonkers.

All we'll say is... keep an eye on the box.


  1. He seems so disappointed that the guest vocalist missed its cue at the microphone.

  2. Yeah, that must have cost the, a slot in the final... Ahem.

    The first Eurovision star to have been eaten within a week of their performance?