Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ukraine 2014 - Maria Yaremchuk - Tick Tock

We have our first actual selected song for Copenhagen 2014 after Ukraine hosted this season's first national final in their usual curious mid afternoon slot. And what a song. No, it's not especially good, but it seems like a distillation of every Eurovision-by-numbers tune of the last fifteen years.

How many things can you think of that rhyme with Tick and Tock? The one that springs to mind is very appropriate...

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  1. How many people, so many opinions. But I like Maria Yaremchuk from Ukraine!

  2. Actually I'm coming around to this one. Her main rehearsal was a bit lumpy yesterday, but her impromptu appearance at Euroclub last night was great, and she was full of confidence and humour. I just hope they let her show off a bit more of her personality on stage next Tuesday!