Friday, 20 December 2013

Kemerovo 2013 - Çıldız Tannakeşeva - Şoriya'nın Unu (from Turkvision)

Turkey, somewhat churlishly, pulled out of this year's Eurovision, partly because it had the hump after a couple of years of disappointing results, but also because it had the concept of Turkvision up its sleeve.

Ostensibly a project to unite the Turkic world in song, the show gathered artists from many well known countries with significant Turkic populations, and some smaller regions and oblasts from around Europe and Asia (although funnily enough, it was mainly the larger countries who made it through to the final on the SMS vote).

It was as much a fascinating geography lesson as much as a singing show, and despite being of variable quality there were some real gems on show, not least this fascinating piece from the West Siberian Oblast of Kemerovo - a song apparently about the quality of the local flour, but sounding more like a punch up down the petting zoo. If they ever had a wolf petting section.

Rather disappointingly it didn't make it through to Saturday's final, so take this chance to revel in five and a half truly hypnotic minutes.

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  1. Impeccable taste as ever, Sir!
    Two quick amendments: although they announced an SMS voting prior to the show, it was jury only in the end- so as always, shame on those evil jurors for not letting her through to the final.
    And the song ain't about the quality of the local flower (bad Google translation, my bad), it rather translates as "Birds of Kemerovo" (no pun intended).
    Here's hoping there'll be a second edition of Turkvision - those gems are just too good to be missed!