Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hungary 2014 - Lil "C" - Break-Up

Last year's terrific Hungarian entry was a bit of anomaly for its national selection process. Usually the best you can hope for are a couple of pneumatic disco dollies and a handful of sombre blokes in shiny suits.

So we have absolutely no idea how this terrific little piece of stripped back, low slung krunk has managed to make the A Dal shortlist! What chain of events could possibly have led to this happening? But I'll tell you what... I'm so very glad it did!

While one suspects that it's doomed for an early exit, I can't wait to see how the C-man carries this minimal gem off on stage. Are going to have the bored looking girls lazily swaying their hips? I should hope so!

My song of the year so far - but probably nobody else's...

*************************STOP PRESS*********************************

Turns out it was too good to be true! By a weird fluke of coincidence it tuns out there's a completely different Lil C doing a completely different song called Break Up in Hungary this year! What are the chances of that happening? Boo!

The real Break Up is a serviceable-yet-dull spot of Euro R'n'B that is still refreshingly un-Hungarian, but, well, not a quarter of the song that I originally thought it was.

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  1. Well, Youtube says it was uploaded in 2011. And ESCdaily says the singer's real name is Csaba Kelemen. And just somehow, this Lil C here doesn't seem look like a Csaba to me...

  2. Good detective work, old boy! My own probing tells me that this chap here is the self-styled American King Of Krunk. So either something very strange has happened, or there are two Lil Cs - both with songs called Break up!

    How very curious! We'll soon find out I guess!

  3. Yep, turns out it's a completely different song! (As I've now noted in the main feature above).

    Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.