Friday, 20 January 2012

Norway 2012 - Yaseen & Julie Maria - Sammen

When I first heard that there was going to be a song about last summer's tragic Utøya shootings in this year's MGP, I must admit I had my concerns – especially as it was reported to be performed as a rap by a couple of  fresh-faced teens. As a general rule, however well intentioned this kind of thing may be, they often end up sounding like a twee and over-sentimental sixth form project.

Thankfully my cynicism has proved unfounded, as Sammen (Together) turns out to be a pretty strong song, and to my jaded ear one of the best in a lacklustre set of Norwegian semis.

It's edgy rather than cloying, and builds to the kind of climax that will have the home crowds weeping into their herring. Whether that will translate to the wider continent should it make it through is another question, but I for one wouldn't complain if gets to Baku.

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